Healthy food for thought

Make a list of the concepts or entities in which you believe with the most passion. From here, that list begins with family, God, America, and education. After that, without elaborating on respect, kindness, and honesty, I must include long term care and life insurance.

No, this is not a thinly disguised sales pitch. In addition to the fact that I can’t or speak with most of you, selling insurance to anyone outside of New Mexico is impossible for me. But I can and will use this medium to mention the critical importance of life insurance.

Along the way, I’ve heard every possible excuse for avoiding the purchase of life insurance. I’m too young. It’s too expensive. I don’t have anyone in my life whom I want to make rich. Every one of these and most of the others are invalid.

Not all insurance is expensive. The younger you are when you invest in it, the lower the premium. As you get older, there are more and more possibilities for medical exclusions. And as for not having anyone to benefit, will that always be the case? Do you want your parents, children, other relatives, or friends to assume responsibility for your untimely death and burial?

There are very few situations where young people (under 45) are uninsurable. Numerous flavors of life insurance are available from which you can choose. If you want plain, uncomplicated term insurance, that’s the least expensive and easiest to do. But if you would prefer to direct money to a life insurance contract with cash value, that’s likely to be a more sound investment than many that are out there.

Life insurance doesn’t protect you in any way (unless you have a long term care benefit attached to it). Your death is certain and inevitable. But why impose hardships on those who survive you? In some cases, they will suffer from the loss of your paycheck. In other cases, they will need to find the money to memorialize and bury you.

You have my word that this purchase will be the most thoughtful and appreciated action you will ever take. Do this while you can and someone, someday, will be very glad that you did. Shalom.