This morning I dedicated some serious thought to changing a habit that has been part of my routine and my being for a long time. The short version is that I have always used a product until it’s gone, regardless of how I may feel about it. It doesn’t matter what it is. I decided that I will use this item until it’s gone and move on to another one when that occurs.

The point of all this is that my experience suggests that we are all trying to fix something about ourselves, whether that trait is worthy of change or not. Sometimes we do this for the sake of self-improvement. Sometimes we do it for the sake of discarding old concepts or practices, simply because they are old. The conclusion I have reached is that this is often a waste of valuable time and we don’t need to fix things unless they are broken.

And so I will continue to use this thing that I don’t like, regardless of the fact that 100 of them cost me $10.89 and I have used more than half. My kneejerk reaction is that I can afford $5.45, simply for the sake of having learned a lesson. But ultimately, my life is not compromised in any serious way by finishing this bag of something and I will happily do so.

What’s the point of all this, you ask? We frequently hear people complaining about themselves. I’m always late. I’m always hungry. I’m always making spelling errors. I’m always finding fault with others. I’m always forgetting where I put my keys. While I agree that some of these are worth examining, many are simply irrelevant and not worthy of self-criticism. If you’ve gotten this far in your life and you are safe, secure, and happy, maybe it’s time to stop finding fault with yourself. Spend some time in celebrating your successes or victories. Spend more time than that in being grateful for your gifts and blessings. Life will likely be happier and filled with positive thoughts. Ultimately, you are probably fine just the way you are. Shalom.

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