Something that I don’t quite understand but appreciate with all of my being is that now and then I run smack into an idea for this medium without any warning that it is going to happen. It may not be worthy of examination so I will choose to enjoy the experience rather than wonder why it happens.

In this case, I was sitting and thinking as I often do. What occurred to me was a simple expression that I will call, “a higher purpose.” Initially I thought of my own religion and the ways in which I conceive of my God. But this was not strictly about those definitions. More importantly, it occurred to me for the first time that I have a specific, unique purpose for my existence on this planet.

One of my closest friends and I have discussed similar subjects at great length but until this moment, I don’t know that I ever thought myself capable of or responsible for a “higher purpose.” This is not to suggest that I am doing the work of God – I would like to believe that if this were true, I would have a much clearer sense of motivation and clarity.

After saying what this is not, I can attempt to say what it is. Somehow, through the actions that I have completed or will complete, I believe with great certainty that I will create or represent something with a higher purpose. At this moment, I am not quite sure what that is or will be. Perhaps through giving birth and raising two children, I have made it possible for one or more great accomplishments to occur, either through them or their offspring.

It may be through my writing that I have established something with a higher purpose. It may be through my teaching that I have contributed to the growth and coming of age for one or more of my students. Or it may be an action or creation not yet completed or understood. Coming to these conclusions makes me feel that the hard times contributed as much as the joyous ones in enabling me to be part of this higher purpose. Because I have just encountered this concept, I hope to have ample time to understand and realize whatever it is. No matter the outcome, it is certain that my life and legacies will not end when I do. Shalom.

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