Visiting my favorite class at my favorite school, I began the day by experiencing events that remind me why they are favorites. Multiple students greeted me by name. Others expressed how happy they were to see me. And the teacher I was replacing welcomed me with enthusiasm.

You might reasonably assume that this was standard morning behavior but (sadly) it’s not. Sometimes students are stoic. Sometimes they are fidgety and sometimes they just melt down. For the most part, students who know me are much kinder than those I’m seeing for the first time.

Maybe it’s just an exercise in logic. We accept and welcome the familiar while being cautious and apprehensive about the unfamiliar.

But I must always remain vigilant to treat all my students with the same patience. The key is to think of them as potential favorite students. I must be certain to spend more time with the recalcitrant kids than the warm and loving. Or maybe I can just keep doing what I’m doing – more listening than talking, more patience than impatience, and identifying problem situations as soon as I encounter them. No matter what, I will absolutely and positively treat my students with love, compassion, and respect. There really is no alternative. Shalom.

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