Today I find myself in an unusual position, that of waiting for the email that will deliver very sad news. A close friend from my previous home in Denver is in her last hours and I feel quite sad, both about her condition and the fact that I will not have the ability to say goodbye.

While I am thinking seriously about attending her memorial service, I am keenly aware that while doing so will somewhat assuage my sadness, it will not directly impact her life or a realization that she has one more person who cares deeply about her. And so, I am left with a few choices.

I’ve already written a poem to her, something that makes me feel a bit better and I hope will touch those to whom I send it. But as I ponder what else I can do, there is really only one option, remembering her and the years of friendship that we shared.

This was a person who was always cheerful and smiling, no matter the time or space she occupied. She was kind and giving, always considering the needs and concerns of others. While I will never have the joy of experiencing her kindness again, it has left an indelible impression on my heart.

Why am I sharing all of this? It serves as a reminder, to me and to those who read this, to treasure every available moment with those we cherish. While this lady lived a long life, she was never going to be ready to leave this life for the next one and none of us are going to have an easy time of saying goodbye. Live each moment that is made available to you. Your religious beliefs are irrelevant, I suppose, as far as paying tribute to a loved one. It is simply the idea of realizing that every day is a gift that we must receive as such. The memories of this wonderful lady will always be a gift to my heart and that of others, probably the best testimonial that we can deliver. May her memory be for countless blessings. Shalom.

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