Most of us were taught from an early age that saving is a good idea. It really doesn’t matter what it is that you save, causing this to be the primary reason why I question the entire concept.

It’s good to save money, for retirement, for college, and for the possibility of hard times that could occur in the future. Another good idea is to save some food in your pantry or freezer, to make life easier in the event of shortages or physical limitations.

But if you are at all like me, you save all types of things for some time or occasion in the indefinite future. As a result, I have a closet full of clothes that I don’t wear, jewelry that I love but don’t wear for lack of the right occasion, and shoes that are for one special situation or another.

The point of all that is essentially that we save things that we could be enjoying. Maybe I should pick one or two Fridays per month as special date nights when I roll out my party clothes and jewelry. And I should also remove special food from the freezer and prepare it for no particular reason whatsoever.

Although I don’t like thinking about each day being my last one on earth, that possibility clearly exists. And for what reason did I put away all of those things that I saved and treasured? We don’t have many rainy days in New Mexico. And those who follow me will either enjoy what I leave behind or pass those items along to those who will. Those things that are not food will not wear out or become unusable, whether I wear them/use them or not. It’s time to treasure those items I treasure by putting them to good use. That’s what they were intended to do and the chances are excellent that I will enjoy using them. Shalom.

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