Now that the Covid-19 vaccine is available for children over 5 years, I feel that I must encourage those who are undecided to decide in favor of vaccinating those children. It’s clear that many adults have opted out of the vaccine for whatever reason they choose. But when it comes to making decisions for those who don’t have the ability to make their own responsible choices, please don’t allow your prejudices to endanger these children.

Almost daily I am told of children in my schools who are testing positive for Covid. Fortunately, many of them have light or no symptoms and I just don’t hear about those who have more serious outcomes. The reality is that kids can and do contract Covid-19; many have already died from the disease. If you love your children and you realize that they are exposed whenever they are in school or out in the world, why would you allow yourself to risk their lives?

From my standpoint, there is no conflict to opting out of the vaccine for yourself and securing it for your child or children. So far, I have not encountered a child who objects to it except when they have a parent who has chosen not to be vaccinated. We are clear and obvious role models for our children. If you want to choose what I think is the socially responsible reasoning, we are making it possible for our kids to learn that path and follow it when they reach majority age. It is statistically obvious that receiving the vaccine vastly reduces your chances of catching the virus and succumbing to it. With that clear evidence, why would you want to take a chance on the lives of those who do not have the legal status to save their own lives? Give your offspring a chance to live long and happy lives. Shalom.

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