While I seldom become intentionally controversial, something that has recently been the subject of frequent press coverage is women’s rights. This is a subject for which I have very strong feelings, especially in light of the recent anti-abortion law in Texas.

From the top, I object to those who feel the right and obligation to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, especially with respect to abortion. Combine this with the lunacy that we often see that says, “My body, my rights,” often coming from the same contingency as the anti-abortion contingent. Okay – let’s see. You have the right to decline the vaccination as part of your presumed Constitutional rights but you also have the right to deny Roe v. Wade?

Throughout my career, I have encountered more sexual discrimination than many who appear to fight for it. I had a hiring authority advise that he could never hire a woman for a branch manager position, in spite of the fact that I was the assistant manager and had been in the office and territory for eight years. I was advised that my career in a bank would be limited by my gender – at that time, there was only one female officer at the bank.

It seems to me that many of those who are campaigning for women’s rights are doing so only for the sake of looking good or feeling that they have a place on the bandwagon. Abortion is critical to women’s rights and I can’t imagine supporting one without the other. And to suggest that the right to decline the vaccine and put others at risk through your contamination is inconceivable, especially to those who advocate for women’s rights. We need to keep our priorities clear.

As I have previously stated, it is your right to remain unvaccinated under the heading of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But the constitution does not give you the right to infect others. And while Roe v. Wade is a law not included in that constitution, it is still law. All of women’s rights matter, not just the ones that you prefer for any reason. Shalom.

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