We ventured into a store that had just opened in a nearby community. This was a place that bragged about selling “lots of stuff at cheap prices.” And these claims were definitely not exaggerated.

Whoever masterminded and designed this store must be a genius for several reasons. For one, the density of items located in the store was remarkable. Beyond that, the variety was amazing and as promised, the prices of everything were very low, all for recognizable name brands.

My daughter made quite a clever purchase by securing 2 light bars with remote controls. They were $7 each and after we brought them home and activated them, I watched my two grandchildren, ages 4 and 5, confiscate the two bars and remain transfixed by them for hours.

They soon discovered that they could adjust the colors of the light, make them flash, and get them to change in conjunction with the music being played. Watching them with this $14 investment was the most entertainment I’ve enjoyed in a very long time.

There’s clearly a message here for those parents who believe that they need extravagant or high-tech gifts to captivate the attention of their offspring. The lights were an enormous success, not only for the two children, but also for the adults who subsequently saw the devices work.

For my part, I am uniquely grateful for a daughter who recognized an unusual and creative investment. Along with that, I am grateful for the curiosity of childhood that turned these lights into a play area. With some ingenuity and a bit of hype, we had the joy and excitement of discovery for two bright and inquisitive children. Shalom.

One thought on “The $7 miracle

  1. What a wonderful story! I can totally picture you watching your grandbabies getting so much enjoyment from this simple purchase, and know how proud of your daughter you are! We can all learn from this message. Shalom!


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