Since the tragic onset of the Covid-19 virus, we have seen the entire spectrum of responses to the introduction of vaccines by three major pharmaceuticals. Subsequent to this introduction, the number of cases has decreased significantly, primarily within the ranks of those who have been smart enough to avail themselves of the shots.

Not surprisingly, the majority of those who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 have been within the ranks of those who have opted out of the vaccines. We have heard every possible excuse, ranging from religious principles, to the absurd claim that more scientific studies are necessary to prove that the vaccines are safe, to the claim that forcing people to become vaccinated is a violation of constitutional rights. To all these, I reply – you are ridiculous.

Although I was very small when the polio vaccine was introduced in the 50s, I don’t remember anyone objecting to it on the basis of anything. We all dutifully got our polio shots and were appreciative that we didn’t contract this horrible disease. While some still object to flu shots, we have seen that they have been extremely successful at reducing the number of flu cases.

When you decide not to get the Covid vaccine, you are putting yourself and the rest of us in danger. My relatively small school district reported over 150 cases of Covid among students and staff, just within the month of September. Much of that, I believe, is due to the fact that we have only recently become able to vaccinate children. As an educator, I am in the presence of these students. If you are that parent who has refused to get your vaccine and transmit the virus to one of my students, you are making it possible for me to get exposed. Yes, I have received both of my shots, but the Delta variant requires the booster that I have not been able to secure.

The constitution does not have anything to do with your options to have or not have the vaccine. And while I am not familiar with all of the provisions of all religions, I don’t know of any that make it a sin to save your life and the lives of those around you. Get your shots. You have the right to die because you have been resolute about not being vaccinated. But you don’t have the right to take the life of anyone else. Shalom.

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