As one who rarely avoids difficult or controversial subjects, I present this one as food for thought and perhaps opinions from my readers. It’s not life-changing or of global significance but I offer it to you anyway.

Earlier this week, my husband placed a plastic stand-up frame that had a decorated paper slid into the empty space. On it was a series of religious statements, including one to trust God and believe in Jesus. The message began with “Good Morning, This is God.” I looked carefully at the frame and asked how it got here.

It seems that a well-intentioned member of my community had created 500 of these and was distributing them to the people in the Rio Rancho, New Mexico area. Her religious dedication and hard work were obvious and I commend her for doing something such as this for the sake of distributing messages to those around her.

But I really don’t know how to react, due to the fact that I am Jewish and Jesus has absolutely no role in my life. That reality has nothing to do with her gesture but I am wondering if I should try to give it back or ask my husband (who is not Jewish) to put it among his possessions. What is the best response?

Giving it back would probably be difficult to achieve, in addition to the fact that it might generate some hard feelings about a heartfelt action. Does this person have the right and obligation to give these frames away, in consideration of the fact that not all of the people around her believe in Jesus? Clearly, she believes that the answer to this question is yes.

I am certain that she did not do this for the sake of encouraging people to join a specific church because there were no names or religious establishments included in the message. As a result, I have reached the conclusion that she did this purely out of her own religious devotion, with the hope that the message was positively received.

If you’re wondering, I won’t throw it away or give it to someone who will appreciate its message. Thanks to our wonderful country’s guarantee for our rights to worship as we choose, I will exercise that right. But I guess that I can’t help but remember that the Jewish population in this community is .4% or approximately 385 people out of 89,320. Statistically, our donor had a very good chance that she wouldn’t have bestowed her gift on someone like me. Shalom.

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