I wish –

That every child born today, tomorrow, and the day after has all of the food, clothes, and education that he or she will ever need.

That our national and global issues would be resolved through good sense and reasoning, rather than politics and backstabbing.

That this horrible virus would run its course and stop taking the lives of all of us who are unable to achieve complete immunity.

That teachers stop telling their students to shut up or refer to them as monkeys.

That we have more examples of bravery and community service in the news than we have robberies and murders.

That those who influenced and supported me would know how much they have given to me.

That I could provide each of my students with all the tools that they need to learn and excel.

That I could have a minute with each person I have lost, to tell them what they meant to me.

That I could apologize to every person I have hurt or to whom I have said something that I shouldn’t have.

That I could enable some of my students to read and count when those simple processes are out of their grasps.

That my family believes in my boundless love for them.

And that my legacy will be one of honor and integrity.


2 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. Cindy,

    I liked this entry very much.

    Hope you’re doing ok. I have an idea of how you feel/felt when Jeff died. I think I am still in denial.


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