The fact that our privacy has all  but completely vanished continues to trouble and disturb me. As soon as my husband returned from an urgent care visit, he began to see pop-ups and social media posts about urgent care. As soon as I bought a pair of shoes online, every site I visit, including social media, displays copious varieties of shoes.

How does this happen? Why does it happen? Do the hackers or mega marketers believe that because I bought a pair of shoes, I am on the verge of buying another and another and another? Because we frequently see sites or software that are supposed to prohibit this type of marketing, I would like to believe that there are ways to prevent being inundated with marketing messages. But I’m thinking that in order to subscribe to one of these applications, I am required to supply more information than I feel comfortable in providing.

By no means do I want to suggest that I am proficient with technology and that I have a good grasp of those options that are available to me. That’s simply not the case. I am capable of email, research, shopping, creating documents for myself and clients, and publishing books. Beyond that, I consider myself to be of average competence. As a result, there may be technology that I could embrace to keep me from being swamped with junk.

Forgive me if I appear to be a cynic or skeptic. Right now, I’m simply annoyed that I have to bother with prohibiting unwanted companies from approaching me by email, social media, text, or snail mail. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with identity theft and I hope never to do so. But if we are passive about the methods by which companies attack us with their marketing, I’m afraid that it will only get worse. There must be an available response that is better than passivity. Shalom.

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