Looking at the progress that I’ve made on my book, I see that I have over 36,000 words written and the story is approximately three-quarters completed. I try to add an average of 1,000 words per day but some days, that’s more difficult than others. At this crucial point, close to completion, I am looking for something that I will loosely call inspiration.

If that surprises you, I am not lacking in the inspiration to write the book, nor am I missing the motivation to cover the subject. But the importance of this subject makes it crucial that I create work that is worthy of it. And so we get to the concept of inspiration. In this context, I am thinking that the conclusion has not materialized yet because I am seeking its inspiration.

Most of the time, we derive inspiration from forces outside of ourselves. My students motivate me to be a better teacher. My daughter and son have always inspired me, helping me to do whatever possible to be the best parent. And of course, my completed work inspires me to create more, with the idea that I have begun to tell my story and there are those who want to hear it.

What inspires us is probably the key to who we truly are. Some are inspired by fame and fortune. Others are inspired by the works of others, encouraging them to meet or exceed the standards established by those who preceded them. If you were writing a novel, for example, you might want it to be in the category of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, or any other author whom you admire.

And so, is there any advice that I can offer to those seeking inspiration? Find it in those whom you love and you want to be proud of your work, alive or not. Find it in the accomplishments of those whom you admire, with the conviction that you are appropriately in their company. Or most simply, believe that you have the resources, talent, and unmistakable chutzpah to get it done. Identify a way to inspire yourself when you need inspiration and celebrate getting it done. Shalom.

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