How often, in the course of a day or week or month, do you hear someone (including yourself) begin a sentence with “I wish?” Sadly, many of us have spent far too long wishing for things that are either unimportant or impossible to achieve. By no means am I suggesting that we should stop dreaming – as long as we make some effort to have our dreams materialize.

Here are some examples: When I tell someone that I am writing a book, I often hear, “I wish that I could write.” You can visit an art gallery and hear one of the visitors utter, “I wish that I could paint.” It gets to be more common in conversations about travel, occupations, or living spaces.

If you’re spending most or much of your time wishing instead of doing, you are wasting that time. Do one of two things. Either take action to make your wishes come true or spend your time working on those situations or conditions that you can control.

Not everyone is suited to be someone who can sit in front of a canvas and create something that is acceptable or wonderful. The chances are reasonably good that if you’re an adult and haven’t yet identified a talent for art, most likely you don’t have it. Or if you think you do, take an art class and find out for sure.

The same can be said for writing, sculpting, architecture, or music. Why waste your time thinking about a musician? Decide what instrument you want to play and take lessons. Or if you are a vocal performer, find a local chorus or choir and see if you feel comfortable and confident there. If you want to be a writer, take a writing class, then begin to write. And if you want to be a distance runner, confirm that you are in physical shape to undertake the effort, then go out and run. Start with small distances and add to them as you feel that you are able.

Every time you wish for something that you don’t make happen, you are sending yourself a negative message of inadequacy or incompletion. No-one needs that. Although I would like to be able to draw, I am fine with wearing the hat of a writer and all of the other hats I wear. Shalom.

One thought on “Wishing

  1. It’s my goal to learn to play the violin. I haven’t done anything toward that goal yet other than to enquire about lessons. I believe that it’s not always easy if we have too many goals; best to just have a few and pick the ones most important….like writing a book, or even writing a few sentences or journaling. Shalom.


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