One of my husband’s habits that is a source of curiosity to me is also quite provocative. Whenever I leave to teach or run an errand, he always suggests that I have fun. It doesn’t matter where I’m going – he wants me to have fun.

Is this a message that it is important to him that I enjoy myself? Or is it a suggestion that what’s most important for us as living beings is to treasure whatever it is that we’re doing? I’m thinking that it’s a little bit of both.

Maybe he’s right in believing that some or all of us spend too much time and energy on those tasks that are less than enjoyable. As hard as I try, I can’t think of anyone who gets up and out of bed in the morning with the intention of having a fun day. My next thought is, why is this the case?

We resolve to complete multiple activities such as cleaning the house, doing the grocery shopping, or pulling weeds. Although those need to be done, they are not the only tasks to which we should be assigning ourselves. What if we were determined to posit more fun in our lives?

There are endless options. Trying a new food or recipe can be fun if cooking is your passion. Visit an antique shop and find something that speaks to you and your history. Volunteer at a school, retirement community, or food bank. Paint a wall in your home that is crying for attention. Get a pedicure. Go to a paint-your-own pottery studio and enjoy that form of creativity.

If we set out to increase the joy and gratification in our lives, we can truly benefit. Depending on what constitutes fun for you, do that. Watching a television program where a lady and her mother enjoy visiting cemeteries, it occurs to me that I would not find it fun. Another lady likes finding and exploring lighthouses, something I would prefer to cemeteries. I guess that you don’t need to be near a coast to find one, but if you enjoy it, do it.

Our time on earth is uncertain at best. When we stuff it with must-dos and urgent tasks, we stop enjoying the journey while we take one more step toward the destination. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, have some fun. Shalom.

One thought on “Have fun!

  1. Such an important message to me, especially these days. Find the joy. Or, sometimes we have to let the joy find us. Just an alternate theory. Sometimes we create the joy, as I’m sure you’re doing and have been doing all these years with your kids, your friends, etc. Have a beautiful week and have fun. Shalom


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