What is it about the rain falling that I find so relaxing and sustaining? Maybe it’s because the rain follows many days of 90+ degree days that are wholly unenjoyable. Maybe it’s a form of punctuation to a writing milestone in my book that I reached early in the day. Or maybe it’s the combination of cleansing, revitalizing, and purifying that is a result of the rain.

Although it doesn’t rain very often in this state, I never complain about more than 300 days of sunshine per year. It makes perfect sense that I shouldn’t or don’t want to complain about the rain. The garden likes it although the birds appear to go elsewhere when the skies are dark, gloomy, and wet. If I had the ability to smell my surroundings, I suspect that I would smell cleansing and freshness, but I can only try to remember.

All of this is to say that I am grateful for any day that I can get out of bed, put both feet on the ground, and move around without assistance. This has been a year of loss for me, making my continued survival more blessed than many others.

And so, I will inhale the rain, anticipate upcoming numerous days of sunshine, and continue my gratitude for good health and that of my loved ones. It will be sunny again tomorrow, a reality that will be good for my plants, birds, and me. In the meantime, we desperately needed the rain and it will deter any fires that may have wanted to start. Maybe it’s about taking the good with the bad. Whatever it is, everything is right and poised for nurturance of all that the rain and sunshine may touch. Shalom.

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