Do our definitions of words such as magic and magical change as we get older and more mature? Or has the world become more magical as civilization progresses, sometimes evolving? Having spent some time on the concept of magic, I think that it’s a little of both.

As children, magic was usually associated with card tricks, rabbits in and out of hats, and disappearing acts. It’s probably safe to say that we generally observed magic from a distance, with clear definitions of what constituted magic.

At this stage of life, I am beginning to widen that definition as I make numerous observations of the world in which I live. Yes, we still have the David Copperfield version of magic, as well as magicians who occasionally compete on America’s Got Talent. But there is also a vast quantity of magic that surrounds and astounds me.

To begin, I think that children are magical. They are all conceived in essentially the same way. From there, they all emerge as unique as blades of grass or springtime raindrops. Youngsters think about as much or as little as they choose, as often as possible. Sometimes they emulate parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and siblings. Very often, they don’t.

Many of the scenes I witness in nature are absolutely magical. One day I stroked the muzzle of a very pregnant pony. An hour after I left her, she gave birth to an active, curious, and perfectly designed mule, later to be named Moscow. Truly, this is an example of nature’s magic – creation and curiosity.

Sitting in the back yard, I can almost see our bushes grow. We cut them back to very short limbs and within weeks, the limbs are over my head, lush and green. Grapevines demonstrate the same magic. One day they produce clusters of tiny flowers and soon they magically boast hundreds of grape clusters.

If you are inclined to redefine my magic as acts of nature, help yourself. What nature does to vines, trees, ponies, grapes, and the ever-changing nearby mountains is always a source of wonder to me. Maybe it’s merely my sense of awe at the miracles within the world that occur entirely without and in many cases in spite of the intervention of man. Shalom.

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