One of the most unfortunate products of social media is the sudden prevalence of countless ridiculous competitions. It’s easy enough to move past or ignore them. But I continue to wonder about their purpose.

Here are some examples. Give yourself $10 for every offensive or illegal action you have committed. If you’ve had a DUI, streaked, egged and TP’ed someone’s home, or stolen something, you can add another $10 for each of these accomplishments. What’s the point? Do I want to appear more evil than you?

Some of them indicate that if you can’t find a word or phrase, you have the mind of a 98 year old. Which 98 year old is that? How is this measured? The other one is the dare to find a word or name that begins and ends with particular letters. The enticement is that only 1% of the population can do this.

To begin, it’s never difficult to come up with two or ten words with these letters. And what is the population to which you are referring? Is it a bee colony or cage of gerbils?

I’m guessing that some people find it gratifying or entertaining to be part of an elite group. Or maybe it’s just a way to spend time. This phenomenon may be another consequence of the pandemic, where people had nothing but time to spend online. To me, the whole idea is dumb. Why do we need to compete over inane or absurd contests?

Show pictures of your parents or grandparents, past or present. Display photos of your kids and grandkids. Post videos of people being kind to one another. Or celebrate anniversaries of important events or accomplishments.

Being able to read words backwards neither pays my bills nor makes me a better person. It seems that I’ll have to treat social media as I do the endless pharmaceutical television commercials for conditions I am not likely to experience. It’s simply something else I can’t fix so I’ll continue to search for the good in any media I experience. Shalom.

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