Without sounding at all morbid, I occasionally think about how I would like people to remember me. Two important considerations emerge.

The first is that I have no significant impact on the way people think of me, alive or dead. It’s possible to impact that recollection through my words and actions, but that’s about it.

The second obvious consideration is that it depends largely on those who are doing the remembering. I hope that my children think of me as consistent, loving, encouraging, and fair. The same goes for my husband, grandchildren, and closest friends.

Beyond that, how much does it matter? Wanting to be remembered as a virtuous or respectful person will depend entirely on your definitions of both. Maybe I could have been a better educator or could have completed more volunteer work. Maybe I could have been more faithful to my childhood dreams by becoming a nurse or attorney.

Or because I can’t change what people are going to think, maybe it simply doesn’t matter. Living my life for the good I can complete now has much more value to the life I’m living and that of the people I love. And that is absolutely enough. Shalom.

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