It was another small town, another lunch stop, and a brand new experience with a very large restaurant chain. The protocols were not clearly defined as we entered the facility but eventually, we found a table and waited for service.

Eventually, the server approached our table and asked what we wanted to drink. As always, we ordered water and she returned with two tall glasses of ice water. She asked if we wanted straws and I made a small semi-political response, that we didn’t use straws so as to save dolphins. She looked at me as if I had ordered a live shark for lunch, nodded, and left.

Two things occur to me. Yes, I realize that there are probably no dolphins anywhere close to southern Illinois and that they rarely crossed her mind. But I also believe that social consciousness is globally appropriate, whether you are in Florida, Florissant, or Florence. By no means am I passing judgment on this young lady. Her reaction simply surprised me.

The second realization is that I was probably off base in using a small rural restaurant as my sounding board. She didn’t need to know how I feel about the tons and tons of waste that wind up in our bodies of water, ranging from lakes and rivers to the dolphin-populated oceans. Not all the world is my political venue, regardless of the legitimacy of my feelings or the seriousness of the situation. I’ll leave those issues for this medium. Or maybe I’ll just keep them to myself until I can make a true difference in the pollution issue. Shalom.

2 thoughts on “Another small town

  1. A while back, I purchased a metal straw in it’s own little case, and it even came with it’s own cleaning brush. I should send you one….an early birthday present to save the dolphins! Shalom.


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