What do you think of when you hear the name, Oklahoma? Oil? Dust Bowl? Sooners? 1995 bombing of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building? All of these are legitimate responses.

Sunday I was touched by a story out of Oklahoma that had nothing to do with any of these subjects. It seems that a restaurant in Miami, OK made a terrific decision to create a meal wall for those who wanted to donate meals for the locals who were in greatest need. The donors were concerned about those hit hardest by the pandemic.

The concept was quite simple. Neighbors who wanted top help paid for one or more meals and left the receipts on a wall. When someone needed a meal, he or she would take the receipt and appreciate the generosity that allowed a meal that had been prepaid.

Happily, the project took off with remarkable success. Other restaurants in the area followed the example, impacting numerous deserving residents. And I thought and think that it was a project well worth publicizing.

This is an idea that is so simple, yet so very powerful. While many of us would love to imitate what was done, it really does take a village. Maybe, if one or two or ten of us contact a restaurant owner we know, we can make this happen in our communities. I have one in mind and hope to get the opportunity to create a wall in my vicinity. Maybe you can do the same. Shalom.

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