For all the years that I can remember, I have used the expression, “I’ll do that someday.” The same type of process can be applied to having something, visiting somewhere, or trying a type of something. As I ponder that habit, I continue to believe that it’s a mistake.

Some time this year, I began taking decisive action toward attacking those ”some days.” A few of them are quite small – hanging something in my house, writing something I wanted to write, cooking a new type of food, etc. The entire process is liberating.

As I recently remarked, the fact that tomorrow is guaranteed to no-one mitigates toward doing the stuff that you have relegated to some time in the future. No, I’m not suggesting spending money that you don’t have. I’m also not suggesting that you try zip lining or parachute jumping, because you have always dreamed about doing either or both. My recommendations are somewhat more mundane and ultimately less dangerous.

Here are some examples. If you have always wanted a pair of red shoes, stop postponing them and make the purchase. You would have bought another color in the indefinite future, so why not have what you’ve always wanted. If you have the money and you’ve always wanted to visit the Rocky Mountains (Alps, Andes, Appalachians), make plans to see them. While they are not going away, you can find justification for seeing them in any season you choose.

Open the file marked “someday” and take everything out of it. While you may not be able to execute everything in that space right now, make plans to do them next month, next year, or within a definite space. The person closest to you may very well have the same goals and this would be a good time to identify them for both of you.

Under no circumstances do I want to die with unfulfilled wishes. Next time that I think, “I wonder when I’ll be able to do” something, I’ll stop and ask why I haven’t done it yet before correcting that status. As I remember saying many years ago, “Life is too short to drink cheap beer.”

For the record, this is my 600th blog on this site. If I have succeeded at my goal to educate, inspire, and inform, I am happy. Shalom.

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