As I prepared to go to teach the other morning, I silently groaned at the prospect of teaching four days this week. When I did that, I immediately reminded myself that I’m off in two days, work two and then it’s the weekend.

Replaying that exercise, I realized that I violated one of my cardinal rules – living for tomorrow – without paying sufficient attention to the present. This process is wrong for a host of reasons.

Most importantly, when you spend all of your time anticipating, planning, and wishing for the future, you waste today. All of the spectacular images, sounds, and experiences of today (or any days until the “future”) are lost. And if that isn’t bad enough, you’ve also lost opportunities to manufacture and carry out terrific new adventures in the moment. To be sure, this is the ultimate tragedy.

Tomorrow is guaranteed to no-one. Consequently, we must live today to the fullest. If I am very fortunate, I’ll be around and healthy enough to teach the rest of the week. (As it turned out, the last two days of this week were canceled.) If I am wise, I’ll pack as much wisdom, learning, and happiness into the days I have available.

And if the best outcomes occur, I will have multiple occasions to improve others along the way. That’s going to be true for tomorrow but I can’t lose sight of it today. Shalom.

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