This past year can be defined as one of profound loss. We have lost our ability to move about without restriction and eat in whatever restaurant we choose. We have also lost over one-half million Americans to this relentless disease that we have finally become able to control through vaccination.

To those who have lost loved ones, I send my wishes for their memories to be blessings. But I also suggest that you take some time to record your memories, either on paper or audio recording. While most of who they were and what they represented to you will not fade through time, the preservation of history will always be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Most recently, I have been thinking about my sweet grandmother, she whom I called Bubbe. She died many years ago while I was away at college. But I have had cause to remember many things about her – her cooking, her love for this country, and her unique pronunciation.

The words “tick” and “tin” often occur to me. Bubbe could not grasp the “th” sound so thick was tick and thin was tin. Sometimes her dough was too tin; other times the snow was very tick.

When I saw her for the last few times, we didn’t have the remarkable technology that we do now and I was unable to record our conversations. These days, we have all of the advantages I was missing. Thankfully, time has not diminished my memories. Virtually every day, I think (tink, if you like) of things (tings) that are tick or tin. Remembering her as I do, she would not be offended that these recollections are the ones I captured, as well as her unforgettable cheesecake and noddle pudding (kugel).

Savor what you can while you are still able. As much as I would love to revisit my Bubbe to help her study for the citizenship exam, that time is long gone. But I think that she would be proud of the generations that she created and the perpetuation of the traditions that she treasured. Shalom.

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