If you’re interested in acquiring the  most interesting information concerning Covid-19, ask a fourth grader. Yesterday, our conversations wandered into the realm of the virus and one young lady advised that all they knew was that they had to wear masks and maintain social distance. While it’s certainly not necessary to tell our kids all of the details about this virus, somehow, they have been deleted from being informed.

The best part of teaching is teaching. No, I didn’t make a mistake. Every day is a brand new day and an opportunity to bring new and vital information to hungry minds. For example, I suggested to my fourth graders that they motorize shopping carts and they created endless innovations for the idea.

As the kids change, the joy changes. Sometimes I see the light bulbs illuminate when I explain the origins of a word. Other times, I empower them with a new math problem solution. But all parts are good, for everyone involved.

Not surprisingly, there are never behavior issues with enlightened, engaged students. They create gifts out of paper instead of talking or acting out.

If we need to make lasting, crucial changes to our world, we must begin in the classroom. Let’s find new methods to support, encourage, and advance our students instead of spending that time with debates derision, and distress.

Ultimately, the children only understand arriving to school on time, eating breakfast (sometimes), and jumping into the day’s lessons. They are far from lucid about Covid-19 and resist change in routine, no matter how large or small.

What they do get is that knowledge and information improve them. They know when teachers care or don’t care about them. And whether or not they can articulate it, they know the reasons why their teachers are in the classroom. As we plod through the solutions for Covid-19, we must include them so as to maximize their stamina, thus healing the world. Shalom.

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