While I seldom use this medium for extremely personal thoughts and events, I had a dream last night that was so believable and memorable, I decided that it was worthy of sharing. As far as I can remember, these events did not take place in reality but they definitely could have.

My young son and I were sitting in a restaurant with a young woman who was in the business of supporting cancer patients who were in treatment or in the healing process. She explained how the organization worked, that they were given names of those who needed their help most and arranged to deliver whatever was need. As far as I can tell, my son was about nine or ten for this dream.

In the middle of her explanation, my son got out of his chair and climbed over the table to deliver a kiss on the cheek to this social servant. He didn’t say a word but his message was clear. She looked at him in amazement, then thanked him profusely for his spontaneous gesture. As I remember all of this, it comes as no surprise because both my son and daughter have enormous hearts and are fully capable of this type of action.

What’s important is that we as Americans don’t spend enough time and energy in supporting those causes that are worthy of our appreciation. Wednesday’s tragic events at our Capitol Building suggest that we haven’t realized how very fortunate we were to have the type of support from the National Guard, Capitol police, Virginia, and Maryland that we did. Politics aside, I am certain that I am not alone in having felt grateful when the crowds were dispersed and the city of Washington DC was once again settled.

Now is the time that we must unite for the purposes of supporting those causes and movements that are worthy of our support. We don’t need to add more money to the political party coffers – we need to support the American Cancer Society, Parkinson’s Association, Boys and Girls Clubs, Feeding America,  and every other cause in which you believe. Time to stop wasting energy on those issues that have already been resolved. Shalom.

One thought on “Grateful

  1. Our work is just beginning. Time to heal the wounds and move on. Supporting those in need is even more important during this pandemic. Grateful to be able to read your inspiring words, always. Happy New Year.


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