Some of my earlier blogs have contained a form of criticism regarding our growing and immutable reliance on technology of all types. The most recent concerned watching an entire airplane of people glued to their devices, with no books in sight.

Since that time, I have had reason to rethink that position. While we have replaced paperback books with eBooks and phone conversations with texts, I can’t help but realize that technology has also resulted in thousands of advancements that cannot be lamented.

And so, as in all things of any significance, I have realized that compromise is important if not imperative. Studies have confirmed that the seniors who spend time online are more alert, more mentally agile, and overall improved by achieving competence with their computers. The medical profession has benefitted profoundly through the ability to share data on illnesses, research, vaccines, and trends.

There is a long list of other entities that have been enhanced, if not created by technology, including charitable organizations, insurance companies, education, and many others. As someone raised in a household full of cliches, I am quick to draw upon that upbringing and remember the one about throwing out the baby with the bathwater. We make a mistake if we bad mouth and criticize all technology because many of our children would rather play video games than read books. Somewhere between being overwhelmed by the impact of the cyber world and trashing all of it is an acceptance that looks like discretion and balance.

As Tom Brokaw so brilliantly states in his book, The Time of Our Lives, It will do us little good to wire the world if we short-circuit our souls. The happiest and most joyous of holidays to all! Shalom.

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