An honest man in politics shines more than he would elsewhere. Mark Twain

The fact that this has been an election year represents a small fraction of the amount of politics that we have experienced and endured in 2020. At a time when the world is battling an insidious virus, our media has been filled with political bravado, campaigns, bluster, and garbage. Mr. Twin made this comment in 1880 but I find it extremely timely in this year.

In what context is is clearer than politics that we can and must evaluate our “leaders” by their actions, not their words. Regardless of political party in control and in what executive or legislative entity, the only measurable success is one that delivers the best possible outcomes to its constituents. For the millions who are unemployed, out of money, and hungry – don’t promise solutions until you are ready to dispatch the help so sorely needed.

My feelings are exactly the same when it comes to promises made in the education sector. When you promise a form of learning that relies on Internet interaction, make that access available. Throughout this country, we have seen schoolchildren in parking lots, cars, restaurants, and coffee houses, in order to have the ability to do their schoolwork. If improving this situation requires cash infusions, make those happen across the board.

Healthcare workers are in extremely short supply, all over America. Although it may take some time once an educational program is begun, make scholarships and grants available to high school graduates. Encourage them to follow medical careers that will lessen the burden on our overworked frontline workers.

Once our politicians cease hurling insults at each other and begin creating programs that will represent help and health to our country, we will all benefit. Our media outlets were full of politicians who had their own agendas when we were in the middle of elections. Where are they now? Are they working at food banks, distributing life-sustaining nutrition to those who haven’t been able to work? Our hearts feel a bit better when we see individual citizens who are busy providing help to others. Very often, these are kids or restaurant owners who can’t serve inside of their restaurants but provide meals at very low or no cost, in order to keep their employees working.

Show us what is in your hearts, not in your brains. We need more actions than words and more honesty than promises. Shalom.

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