During this season of merriment, celebration, and festivities, it makes a great deal of sense to me to do some introspection. We may be missing those with whom we would like to spend this time. At very least, some are inclined to use the end of year to think about what they hope will be in store for them next year.

Yesterday, I spent some reflective time on the subject of those messages we send to ourselves. You’re too tall. You’re too short. You’re too fat. You’re too thin. You’re too smart. You’re not smart enough. You’re a success. You’re a failure. You get the point. Perhaps for the purposes of self-improvement, many of us spend probably too much time telling ourselves that we are insufficient in one way or another.

In the middle of all this, I had a flash of realization that we are the ones, the only ones who can change the messages we are sending ourselves. Take a long look at these frequent negative words we tell ourselves and you will soon agree how toxic some of this really is. And so, as an experiment, I took one of the comments I’ve been making to myself and completely reversed it. Magically, it works!

If you’ve been telling yourself that you are too short, think about it. Too short for what? What constitutes tall enough? Each time someone suggests to me that I am short, I quickly respond that my legs are long enough to reach the ground. Practice this for a day or week or month and you will likely reach the same conclusions that I did. We are responsible for our self-worth and we can fix whatever we think is broken about our self-images.

Forgive me for the possible statement of the obvious. Because I cannot see inside others’ heads, I don’t know how widespread the self-criticism really is. But for now, I’ll take a chance. We really do have the potential to impact the rest of our lives as far as how we feel about ourselves and the self-image we project to the world. Use that strength to celebrate the happiest of holidays. Shalom.

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