Driving somewhere during these past few days, I unintentionally remembered one of the most unpleasant scenes of my life. As someone who forgets why I opened a drawer for something, I am perplexed about why I remember so many things I don’t want to recollect and forget so many that I don’t. As a result, I would like to give the world two gifts. One is a magic eraser and the other a shiny new pen.

The eraser has one function. Its job is to erase all of those recollections that are worthy of being deleted. They may be a person, a situation, an encounter, a location, or an item that brought you pain or discomfort. Use my eraser liberally – feel good about deleting those items that cause bad feelings. Don’t be afraid to use it every day, as many times as possible. When you are finished for today, pick up your magic eraser again tomorrow and repeat the process.

Now you can use the pen to create new memories and underline the ones that are worth remembering. It may be a touch, a word, a conversation, or a view of something well worth savoring. It may be someone who brought something positive into your life and you haven’t thought of that person for quite some time. Use the pen to write his or her name into your data collection area.

I’m certain that I’m not the only one who preserves bad memories that were worthy of deletion quite a while ago. The time has come to use my new tools – the magic eraser, to make it impossible for those visions to recur and the shiny new pen to inscribe newer, better ones.

As soon as I can, I will release this new eraser and pen for general use. Of course, I will need to clear it with the patent office and the FDA, but once I demonstrate the urgency of these two inventions I am certain that I can begin distribution. Shalom.

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