Most of us are accustomed to identifying a job that needs to be done, devising a plan to accomplish it, and proceeding with the plan. While I don’t remember this being part of any formal curricula that we studied in school, I’m certain that we were guided toward that methodology from an early age.

It’s easy to identify many examples of this process. You need an education and degree to achieve career objectives, so you go to school, study as much as necessary, and graduate. Someday, you need to earn a living so you develop a resume, identify job prospects, apply, secure a position, and begin working. Normally, this employment process continues until retirement.

At this stage of my life, I find it a peculiar frustration when I am unable to follow that pattern for an especially important and urgent task. None of my best efforts can produce a solution. This is not a matter of my geraniums not growing or the inability to potty train my dog. Clearly, the significance of what I am attempting is directly proportionate to the frustration and effort expended.

What’s the solution? Maybe I have to come to grips with not being able to resolve the issue I am facing. There are a number of people involved over which I have no possible influence. Certain conditions exist that are functions of rules, laws, and regulations. And the balance of it is simply my lack of authority to effect change.

But perseverance appears to be the best alternative. Why should I abandon the strategies that have worked so efficiently throughout my life? Perhaps there is a strategy that I haven’t yet identified. Or maybe I can conduct additional research.

It’s a David and Goliath event, after all. My role in this battle cannot and will not be defined by another person or entity. What’s the lesson? As always, if at first you don’t succeed – you know the rest. I will never stop trying. Shalom.

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