After many years of research, dedication, and encouragement from countless sources, I was grateful and excited to publish my latest book, Two papas – a tale of impossible Holocaust survival. Those closest to me displayed considerable enthusiasm and the first month after publication, I was gratified at the sales of the book and gratitude of those to whom I made the book a gift.

What I have yet to understand is the reluctance of many to write a review of the book. While I understand that some may find the subject of the Holocaust uncomfortable and some have yet to finish the book, I cannot understand the failure of many to write a review. I’ve dedicated quite a bit of thought to this reluctance and have reached several conclusions.

Maybe it’s simply a matter of time. I’ve read your book and simply haven’t had the time to write the review. Or maybe it’s a question of not knowing how to create and submit a review. It may also be a lack of confidence necessary to put words together in a location that will be seen by others.

From my standpoint, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to leave your thoughts on Amazon, the publisher of my book. Most importantly, I want to see how you felt about the book. I am in the process of writing the second installment of my Holocaust trilogy and appreciate any and all insights. Finally, those who are indecisive about purchasing my book are influenced by the number and content of reviews. In general, books that have the most reviews sell the most copies.

But along with all of this, I wrote the book to emphasize the fact that it is crucial we never forget the horror and devastation of the Shoah (Holocaust). As my story is read by more people, the message will continue to be sent.

For all these reasons, please do not hesitate to write a review for my book if you have read and valued it. If you have not, it is available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle formats. Thank you in advance – your participation makes certain that the destruction of a people during World War II will never take place again. Shalom.

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