Once upon a time, there was a charming little village in the beautiful state of New Mexico. Within that village there were many retail establishments of all types. Some were coffee shops and eateries; others sold clothing, pottery, antiques, t-shirts, and all those products that one would ordinarily find in a village.

Within this village is another type of store. It is a combination jewelry-art-pottery-memorabilia store that is owned and operated by a charming couple whom we will call Gabriel and Louisa. They have been in this venue for many years and have distinguished themselves as the definitive location for extraordinary treasures.

Some time ago, it was my good fortune to have wandered into this shop and I was immediately aware of what made this a very special location. What they were providing was far beyond the products within their walls. They graciously and readily offered kindness, gracious hospitality, and a type of salesmanship that defies any quick categorization.

Throughout the last several years, we have had reason to return to this shop, not only for purchases but also for the reception that we encounter as soon as we enter the premises. Both Gabriel and Louisa are accommodating and understanding, knowing which items will be appealing to me and those that I would not choose. If something is broken or in need of adjustment, those tasks are done quickly and efficiently, with never an objection or a charge.

For as long as I am able to travel to this village and visit this unusual shop, it will be my pleasure and privilege to do so. My hosts are examples of the way that all businesses should be conducted – with integrity, professionalism, and most importantly – a concern for the complete satisfaction of the client. As one such client, I can only be grateful that this level of human courtesy and kindness remains within a retail establishment. Thankfully, I am one of those who will live happily ever after. Shalom.

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