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Call your mother

One of the (endless) television programs that we watched the other night included a depiction of a national emergency similar to the pandemic that we are enduring. The message from an administrative assistant to her boss was, “Call your mother.” While this took place nearly twenty years ago, the message is timeless.

In our everyday lives and responsibilities, we must frequently take the time to thank those for whom we have the greatest appreciation. What brought this to mind today was scrambling some eggs, a skill that I no doubt learned from my own sweet mother. She isn’t able to take any calls from me now but her memory will always be for a huge blessing. My children both call me on a regular basis, an expression of love for which I have boundless gratitude.

Take a moment and call someone who will be thankful for your thoughtfulness. It may be a relative, close or distant, or a friend, former co-worker, neighbor, or somewhere in between. When I think about all of the people I have known and with whom I have worked throughout my life, I can count at least twenty from whom a communication of any type would be fabulous.

It won’t cost you any money, it won’t necessarily take substantial time and the rewards are clearly win-win. As I finish this, I will take stock of those who haven’t heard from me in some time and to whom I will direct a hello, how are you. It seems that using the phone to make phone calls is a practice that is all but obsolete except in business circumstances. And so, I will observe the apparent deletion of that form of contact in deference to something more digital.

Call your mother. Call your father. Call your brother or sister or aunt or uncle or cousin. This is definitely the time to reinforce your love and I can promise with as much authority as I can muster that it will be happily received. Maybe it’s a good time to create a new habit. Shalom.

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