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One of the realities about the Holocaust that has recently occupied my time and thoughts is that very often, family members were separated without warning and without any means of preventing that separation. For example, a father and older son who could be put to work in a German factory were seized, leaving the mother and sisters as well as the grandparents who may have been living with them. Because killings were usually random and without provocation, there was no way to stop or prevent the atrocities.

Based on the recent events in Michigan, including the desire to overthrow the government and kidnap the governor, I began to think of the realities that we take for granted that may be in jeopardy. When I leave for school in the morning, I fully expect to return home in the afternoon without incident. We make the same assumptions going to the grocery store, manicure, or any other journey. What if my husband or children had to begin to worry about the safety of my journeys, whether to the grocery store or California?

For all my life, I have been an advocate of individual political rights. If you want to demonstrate, do so. If you want to protest in a peaceful manner, you likewise have my blessing. But when you threaten to initiate a revolution and establish a brand new form of rule in this wonderful, powerful democracy, I object. Kidnapping with the intent to do harm is no less horrible than Nazis breaking down your door and sending you to Auschwitz or Treblinka at will. And if you object to a particular statue or monument, don’t look at it. Others of us may appreciate the sentiment or the art.

There is a fine line between freedom of speech and diatribe for revolution. As someone who is particular sensitive to the language of white supremacists or any other type of hate advocates, I will take immediate offense at any attempts toward autocracy. What is it that makes you feel that you have a better alternative than the democracy that we enjoy in the United States? While I fully understand that races and natural origins are not yet treated equally, I will not support your movement toward condemning the form of government that we have in place. It’s difficult to imagine a methodology or system that would be preferable to that which we enjoy. Your acts of violence suggest that what you are proposing is much less tolerable.

If you don’t like it here, go somewhere else. We will not miss your terrorism, hate, and demonstrations of force. At no time do I want those around me to wonder if I will arrive home safely. The allies sufficiently defeated the Nazi way of thinking and can do so again, if necessary. Shalom.

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