How can I help? What can I do to help you? What type of support may I provide? What do you need? These are some of the many questions I have received lately from friends and relatives who are aware of our family health emergency and the innumerable questions and issues it presents. My dilemma is what I can say in response.

In all cases, I am certain of the sincerity implicit to these offers. But for the present, I am entirely without areas within which assistance can be provided. Because I elect not to share most of the details, I feel that I have insulated many from the true situation. But the question remains – what can I request from those who want to help?

Inevitably, I believe that a thank you must suffice. Sharing pain is not an option. Asking for direction with critical issues is also not part of the plan. And most importantly, because we are all responsible for our relationships with God, asking for prayers feels like an intrusion.

And so I direct my thoughts to all who have the best of intentions. Do whatever is in your spirit and heart to wish for the best of status. If you pray please do so. If you choose to hold someone in your thoughts, that is also an excellent idea. Sending regards by text or through someone else always works.

Any positive expression is welcome, treasured, and appreciated. For my part, the future is entirely in God’s hands and I am content to do whatever I can and God will do the rest. But in the interim, thank you for your concern and good wishes. They are all cumulative and help me and those around me more than I can express. Shalom.

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