Yesterday I was presented with a small but important opportunity to deposit some goodness into the world. Walking through one of the mass market stores, I saw an older gentleman staring at a display of soft drinks. He looked somewhat perplexed so I asked if I could help. He smiled and said he needed a 12-pack of a soft drink and I picked up the one he wanted and deposited it in his basket.

He was quite appreciative and asked if I was an employee of the store. I replied that I wasn’t but he thanked me very much and went on his way. It was a very small gesture but I felt quite happy that I had assisted him with something that was difficult to accomplish.

Leaving the store, I had four or five or six opportunities to yield my right of way to allow other drivers to enter streets or lanes. While I do this quite often, I was pleased and surprised that my earlier soft drink action promoted this type of driving courtesy and motivated me to continue doing it all the way home.

There’s a moral or lesson here. Regardless of the negative publicity that Ellen DeGeneres has received lately, she impressed me with her signoff, “Be kind to one another,” or something along those lines. It’s easy to be kind. If you are out in the world at all, opportunities to help someone are everywhere if you are paying attention.

The political campaigns have been so nasty and accusative, nationally and locally, that it seems more important than ever to extend some goodwill. If you’re like me, you’re sick of hearing about alleged Communists, Socialists, right-wingers, left-wingers, self-servers, and rip-off artists. It seems to me that if we can redirect all of that energy to finding ways to improve the world, all of us will be enhanced by the process. Be kind and everyone benefits. Shalom.

One thought on “Be kind

  1. You are SO right. Kindness goes such a long way. It helps others, and ultimately ourselves. I love your writing. Have a beautiful weekend.


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