The news sources have just disclosed that the POTUS and First Lady have both tested positive for Covid-19. While I am not sufficiently cold-hearted to wish for the worst of consequences, I am hopeful that there will be some outcomes from these diagnoses that will be good for America.

One of my first thoughts was a comment President Trump made early on, that this was just a “little virus like the flu.” We don’t know anything specific about his condition yet but my best guess is that he has enough symptoms to confirm that it’s not the flu. One of my biggest gripes about our president is his apparent lack of compassion for a number of sectors. Maybe he will begin to experience that empathy for those who have and continue to suffer from Covid-19.

Beyond that, I don’t know exactly what I expect. For one, I am hopeful that he hasn’t infected numerous people. My second hope is that if he is able to continue campaigning, he will have enough good sense not to do so, for the sake of not infecting others.

What will this mean for the next debate? My best guess is that many of us will either elect not to watch it or hope that they make considerable changes to it so as to make it much less painful. There has been some talk about muting the microphones of the speaker who doesn’t have the floor but I’m not entirely certain that a live or muted mic will make any difference to our President. It may be that by October 15, he will just not be able to participate in a debate.

Beyond all that, we will simply have to wait and see how the President and the country are going to be impacted by his positive test for Covid-19. At the very least, he will finally realize that anyone is capable of acquiring it and maybe he should have been a bit more judicious with his mask. Shalom.

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