A truth that I learned very early in my teaching career was the power of the word special. It’s magical to tell a child, no matter what age, that he or she is special.  You may as well designate that child as the captain, prince, princess or most important person anywhere. With that realization, I have the ability to create extraordinary feelings.

Adults are not excluded from a very good feeling associated with the designation of special. I have special clients whom I so designate. Some of my neighbors are special. And we can determine that some of the other people whom we see on a regular basis can also carry the title of special.

Knowing this is always useful, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Just imagine a mundane task such as buying shoes. Your salesperson goes out of his way to show you anything and everything in your chosen category. Telling him that his service is special will automatically mean good feelings.

Yesterday I witnessed a barista at Starbuck’s who was asked to grind a pound of coffee for a guest. Halfway through the grinding, the bag slipped, causing some of the coffee to wind up on the counter. Without any explanation, this special barista put the ground bag aside, selected a new one and stood there with the grinding process to make certain that the guest received every particle of coffee to which she was entitled.

We are all subject to reacting positively to items described as special. Restaurants have daily specials. Retail operations have special sales. In every case, we know that real or orchestrated, unusual purchases are now available. My recommendation is that you take advantage of the power of special. Tell someone who delivers remarkable attention that he or she is special. Tell your child that he is special. Tell your girl child that bringing your coffee without being asked to do so was a very special action. And most importantly, never lose sight of your uniqueness that renders you quite special. Shalom.

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