Falling asleep recently, the word “peace” kept echoing in my head, demanding my attention. It’s pointless to wonder how I am presented with a concept or an image in this way. Maybe I am accustomed to receiving writing inspiration and have learned to recognize its value and significance.

In any case, I began to think about peace as it applies to my world. Has our world stopped seeking peace and working toward its realization? In our current US climate of political turmoil and angry bravado, most of what we hear is conflict. As one person, I have little power to create peace outside my immediate sphere but maybe that’s the best place to start.

The process of establishing and perpetuating a personal peace is a method of proving that a more widespread and popular peace is truly realistic. We can all actively minimize our own stress rather than catapulting it into the outside world.

Here’s how it works. You’re driving and someone thoughtlessly cuts you off. To main civility, instead of cursing or honking, take a deep breath and smile sweetly. Someone else is discourteous as you’re doing your grocery shopping. The best response is to invite a shopper to get ahead of you to check out. Or ask someone if he or she needs any help, to lift something or put groceries in the car.

Doing acts of kindness is easily accomplished. Because it’s win-win, one of the byproducts is a sense of accomplishment. Creating good makes you feel good and promotes peace. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are more inclined toward that state of mind that any other. May peace (Shalom) be with you.

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