These are my thoughts after publishing what I consider to be a milestone/landmark book. It’s unrealistic to expect that anyone can completely empathize. My feelings are a combination of relief, ecstasy, closure, sadness and satisfaction.

When I began my research into the Holocaust and World War II, I did not do so with the intention of writing this book or any other. In fact, I was learning as much as I could to help the gentleman whom I helped write a biography as a veteran and retired law enforcement officer. But as I continued to read, I soon recognized that while I had no ability to change the past, anything I could contribute would have the inevitable effect of making my statement to the future.

As I prepare for the next book, (part of a trilogy), I must reevaluate my motives and desired outcomes. Commercial success has never been and will never be one of my objectives. Achieving a level of knowledge on my subject, however, is intoxicating. Because I learned so much in writing Two papas – a tale of impossible Holocaust survival, how will I grow or be more fulfilled by the next phase of my authorial journey? From this vantage point, growth and gratification are inevitable.

Although some say that we spend too much time analyzing the Holocaust, I don’t believe that it is possible to know or say too much. And so I reach a few conclusions:

The process of researching, planning and creating the next book will represent a huge positive process for me. My hope is that many will appreciate the work and learn something important from it.

When I stop writing for whatever reason, I will feel confident that I have done everything possible to live up to my life’s philosophy – to inform and to educate. If you are entertained, enlightened or inspired along the way, I cannot possibly ask for more. Shalom.

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