Following is the synopsis of my new book, released this week. Book is available in paperback or Kindle format. If you enjoy the book, I will greatly appreciate your writing a review and sending the link to someone you know with whom you want to share my work. Here is the link:

Two papas: a tale of impossible Holocaust survival.

Two papas – tale of impossible Holocaust survivals is a twentieth-century story of hope, determination and vision. A baby girl is born in a Nazi death camp and she is hidden and raised by her two papas. They live through their Treblinka imprisonment and escape to begin a new life. Her partner will spend two years in a Warsaw attic to avoid Nazis who have destroyed the Warsaw Ghetto, making the city unsafe for Jews. Finally, they meet and find love in Soviet-occupied Warsaw. Together they relocate to Israel and create a family in settings that are removed from hate, oppression and terror. Their survivals become a tribute to faith in God, the powerful will to prevail and strength of the human spirit.

2 thoughts on “Two papas – a tale of impossible Holocaust survival

  1. I’m in the process of reading it. As soon as I’m finished I will post my review on Amazon. Mazel Tov on it’s arrival into our world.


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