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With gratitude

My birthday was approaching and I spent as little time as possible thinking about it. Yes, it was the beginning of a new decade in my life. But long ago I became adept at cherishing every day I have without worrying about how many of them are left.

There was no way that I could have anticipated the outpouring of love and kindness that I received. It began with my sweet husband who found endless excuses for gift-giving, including remarkable and exquisite turquoise jewelry, a new iPad Air and a gift card.

My children, however, were ready and skilled to make their own spectacular contributions to my day. First was my daughter who prompted my two phenomenal grandchildren, both toddlers, to sing the birthday song that she could capture on video. And my son, ever the thoughtful and insightful gift giver, lived up to his history of truly amazing, meaningful presents.

His card immediately brought tears to my eyes. Add to that an expression of love on social media and with phone calls, texts and surprise packages. If all this weren’t enough to brighten, illuminate and fulfill my day, the doorbell rang and a magnificent plant, courtesy of my children and grandchildren, was delivered to my door.

How can I explain all of this kindness except to say that I have lived my life honestly and with integrity? As far as raising children who honor me and fill my heart with joy and pride – I can only make one statement. I must have been privileged beyond explanation to have given birth to them or I did something right along the way. Maybe both. Shalom.

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