Once upon a time, I wanted desperately to work for a healthcare organization that was and is doing remarkable, worthwhile actions for many thousands of people. This was during the time when I sought full-time, permanent employment, an endeavor that is no longer of interest.

After numerous applications and a few interviews, I succeeded at landing a position with this firm and worked in arguably the most wonderful, gratifying position of my life. One year and a toxic, immoral manager later, my dream job was over. All of this transpired about seven or eight years ago.

This week, I received an invitation from this company, the first email I have received from them since I left, asking me to do a fundraiser 5K that will benefit Covid-19 victims. While I never stopped believing in the company’s mission, I was dumbfounded that they allowed a corrupt manager to prevail.

Did I want to participate in an event that was created by an organization that did not intercede on my behalf? Does one situation delete the other? As one who seeks to help with Covid-19 patients and any other unfortunate souls, I am not sure that there is a decision, moral or otherwise, to be made.

Checking out is simply not an option. It amounts to throwing the baby out with the bathwater, an expression I haven’t heard in a very long time. One manager (who, by the way, left the company shortly after I did) doesn’t define the company mission, achievements, or 5K. I think I’ll do the walk and conclude that the act of helping others is vastly more compelling than my grudge over the dream job that perhaps, I could have handled more competently. We will probably never know. Shalom.

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