Falling asleep one night in the recent past, it crossed my mind that writing this blog is very much like donating money to a favorite charity, with fewer lives saved. As strange a concept as this may sound, please allow me to explain.

We all have our favorite charities – local, national or international. For a large collection of reasons, the American Cancer Society is mine and I find it necessary if not fulfilling to donate to them whenever I have an opportunity to do so. In addition, I donate clothes and other items to Goodwill and contribute when I can to Red Cross and a few others.

None of us will ever know specifically what happens to our dollars. Some of the money is used for operating and administrative expenses while some goes to research and delivering care. It really doesn’t matter which dollar goes where. I simply do what I can when I can.

It’s exactly the same with writing. Except for those who like my blogs or deliver comments, I neither know who reads them or what effects they have. Maybe I say something to which someone can relate. Or maybe I have expressed a feeling or experience similar to that of another person. At the optimum, I may make someone feel better, smile or simply have some sort of positive impact.

This is quite a tantalizing thought for me. If I were ever doubtful about whether or not I would continue writing blogs, digesting that thought eliminates all of those doubts. So far, I haven’t had anyone objecting to or arguing with any of my observations and all of the comments that I have received are positive. Soon I will issue my 500th blog, a milestone but not a finale.

If you are one of those who have appreciated, liked, loved or enjoyed one or more of my writing journeys, I am so very glad. That idea feels almost as good as helping to eliminate cancer. Ultimately, my writing work does directly connect to that cure as earning money permits me to donate. But otherwise, I will imagine the best and hope that I will continue to educate and inform. Shalom.

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