One of the statements/recommendations that I am always issuing is, if you truly want to do something, don’t allow anyone or anything to get in the way of doing it. No matter what or when, I continue to believe that particular message.

When it comes to following my own philosophy, however, I am having a much more difficult time. One of my very dear friends has recently suggested (urged?) that I must remove my editor hat and don my marketing beanie. As easy as it is to write and edit my book, making it materialize is much more difficult. In other words, it is probably past time to begin publishing my book.

Four edits have been painstakingly completed. I have conducted the research, identified a number of relevant publishers, checked out thirty or forty literary agents and found at least one whom I can and should contact. Somehow, I just can’t pull the trigger. It may be because I am not entirely certain as to how I want to proceed. Or it may simply be the lack of determination that the work is as perfect as I can make it.

When I self-published my first book, it was not difficult. It makes no sense that I have come all this way, with 200 books of research under my belt and I am ready to proceed. As an example, today I persuaded myself that one more proofreading trip is necessary. So far I have reread 25 pages and added 100 words.

You might want to make the case that this is the most important writing venture of my life, explaining my apprehension. Whether that should result in urgency or reluctance, only I can determine. But I must be true to myself, especially because I was quite definite about succeeding in my efforts by my birthday, a date that is almost here.

And so, I shall postpone the balance of the proofreading, contact the literary agent and ask God for intervention. To be sure, I haven’t arrived here without that participation. And it’s impossible to arrive at my publication deadline alone. Shalom.

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