It’s not safe. Kids can’t be allowed to return to the classroom. We need to put the students back in school. The teachers aren’t safe. The kids aren’t safe.

We have heard most of the opinions from virtually every side of this complex issue. As an educator, I have strong feelings about exactly what needs to be done.

Our priorities are the children and they must remain more important than anything else. Every consideration beyond that is interesting but not germane. The children need to be in school. If we must assemble very small classes with kids and teachers wearing masks, so be it. If we need to staff the schools with numerous site workers to ensure clean schools, so be it.

But the kids need math, reading, writing, history and everything else we teach. More importantly, kids need other kids. They need to run around the playground to play tag. And they need to be taught the rules of social distancing, handwashing and everything else that adults are doing. Let’s teach them the meaning of words such as virus, antibody, plasma and pandemic.

Spend whatever it takes. Kids must come first and as well as educating, we need protecting, loving and enriching. As far as my safety, I will take all possible precautions while teaching that protocol. If I am missing my kids, you can be certain that they are missing their teachers. Shalom.

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