Those of you who have been reading my blog for the last several years know that I often encourage those who are inclined toward writing to write whatever is in their hearts and spirits. Today I have another message. Take the time each day or every few days to write your thoughts and observations for the day, whether you see yourself as a writer or not. Years from now, you will be extremely glad that you did.

During a recent reorganization of my office, I ran into a collection of notes that I kept during my early twenties. It doesn’t matter how long ago that was but it suffices to say that I have experienced quite a bit of life since then. In any event, it was quite illuminating to read those notes.

Some of my concerns at that time are exactly the same as those that I have in the present. They consist of depositing good into the world, care for family and doing the best that I can at whatever I attempt. While I am not surprised to see those thoughts and priorities expressed, I am glad that I haven’t changed in the most important of categories.

Admittedly, some of the subjects have disappeared. At that time, I was dealing with a relationship that was one of the most significant of my life, one that ended sadly. But I was also wrapped up in the questions of whether or not I would ever love and be loved again, a situation that would ultimately be resolved. And so, some of those things that concerned us then will not do so now.

If you have followed my writing career, you know that my first book was a memoir that was developed in the spirit of sharing the numerous life lessons that I learned along the way. While many of those who read this will not wind up writing memoirs, I offer two thoughts.

The first is that your life and the progress you have made in it are worth preserving and sometimes suitable for sharing. But if you are not interested in a memoir, the notes that you keep will simply be useful for you. Some time in the future, it will be illuminating or valuable to think about where you were then as compared to where you are now. Take the time and you will be grateful that you did. Shalom.

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