As I’ve reported in the past, it always amazes me when I ask my students what they would want if they had vast amounts of money and they always say, “Lamborghini.” Never mind practicality or miles per gallon. This is the answer, no matter what age and no matter what school.

This crosses my mind now and then when I ponder the aspirations I have as compared to those I may have had twenty or thirty years ago. At that time, I wanted financial security and a group of items of miscellaneous value. By comparison, I think of what I want right now and none of it has anything to do with money or finances.

Clearly, in the midst of a pandemic, I seek good health, for my loved ones and for me. Beyond that, I hope to do some traveling, first to see my kids and then to return to Europe. You can easily argue that travel requires money and as a result, I am looking for the finances to make the trip. But that does not happen to be the case.

Beyond travel, I seek happiness for my children and grandchildren. My hope is that with some resolution to our virus, that will be available to all of them. What else is truly important? It’s not wealth or any of the advantages that it provides in terms of jewelry, clothing, real estate, cars or otherwise. At this point, I have all of those that I want or need.

And so it seems that our reliance on things decreases as our age increases. There are really no tangible things that I want and as I look at catalogs or in stores, I am at the point where I am attracted to this item or that one. But most of the purchases I find myself making are those of necessities or something that will make life a bit more comfortable.

At no time will I ever try to talk my students out of the Lamborghinis. In fact, if achievement, self-improvement and goal development are seen as necessities that will lead to the luxury car, very good. If not, dreaming big is always terrific. My dream for right now is that I will be able to return to the classroom to have the chance to encourage those dreams. Shalom.

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